Why Is Ice Shape and Size Important When One Is Having a Drink?

You may have noticed that bartenders in trendy bars pay very special attention to the size and shape of the ice that they put into patrons' drinks. Read on and find out why these bartenders go to great lengths to give patrons the "perfect" shape and size of ice:

Temperature Consistency

Ice that is shaped like a spear (or even sphere shaped) and is large plays a critical role in giving your drink a uniform temperature. This is because every part of your drink is touching the ice so there will be no temperature differences as you drink.

You will enjoy the last sip in the same way you enjoyed the first because all will be at the same temperature. If you love drinks with a uniformly cold temperature, ask for large pieces of ice (regardless of the shape).

Control of Dilution

While ice is important in cooling (chilling) your drink, it can also have an unwanted side effect of diluting your drink excessively, if care is not taken to limit that unwanted outcome. This is where size and shape team up during the ice making process. Ice that is large in size (sphere shaped or cubed) melts slowly because of its large surface area.

As a result, your drink will be cooled without being diluted excessively. This matter is so serious that someone even conducted an experiment to find out which shape of ice is better in cooling a drink without diluting it beyond desirable levels!.


That bartender may be "fussing" about the shape and size of the ice he or she puts in your drink because of esthetical reasons. People go to great lengths to come up with exclusive ice making machines that produce spectacular ice just because they want your drinks to look unique, and therefore give you more pleasure as you sip those drinks.

Many people say that how a drink is offered to them (appearance) is as important as the actual content of the glass. Bartenders are aware of these customer sentiments and that is why you may have noticed that the bartender at the club pays a lot of attention to the ice that he or she serves clients.

As you can see, there are many reasons why bartenders do all they can to give patrons the "best" ice with their drinks. You should sample different ice shapes and sizes as you take drinks so that you get a firsthand experience of how important those ice elements are to the pleasure you derive from each drink.

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