3 Tips To Help You Choose The Design Of Your Kitchen Appliances

Function aside, the appliances in your home also have to meet certain design standards that you have set throughout your home. However, unlike functional targets where you can look at energy consumption, noise and other solid traits, design in unique to each buyer. How, then, do you stock your kitchen with eye-catching appliances? In this article, find out just how you can do that.

Traditional or contemporary

First, decide if you want traditional or contemporary-looking appliances. There is a stark difference between the two. Traditional appliances feature curved lines and lots of bold colours. On the other hand, contemporary appliances have straight lines and sharp edges. They also feature just a select number of colours, mostly black, white, and metallic grey, although not exclusively. If you are trying to style your home in a retro style, go with traditional appliances. However, if you're all about the 21st Century and the latest gadgets, go with contemporary designs.

Ability to fit into the built-in slots

Another key element of design in the kitchen has a lot to do with whether your appliances will fit into their built-in slots. For perfect design harmony in the kitchen, each appliance should fit snugly into its slot, thus allowing your fixtures and appliances to blend into one architectural flow. This also allows you to maximize your free space around the kitchen. Kitchen appliances that can be pre-installed during construction and have the finishing completed around them offer the best aesthetic designs in this category, as opposed to those that are just input into the space after works are complete. 

Design coordination among the appliances

With so many appliances being installed inside your kitchen, it's also important to consider how they all relate to each other in terms of design. For best results, make sure that all the appliances share certain similarities. In regards to colour, for example, ensure that all the appliances keep to the decor theme you have envisioned for the kitchen. If that theme is black and white, ensure that your appliances adhere to the same as well. In terms of style, go with traditional, modern, or contemporary with all the appliances as well. Though hard to achieve, you can make this possible by sourcing your appliances from one manufacturer, such as Smeg.

If you're stuck not knowing what design to exact in your kitchen, talk to a kitchen designer. They can help you come up with a theme and choose the appliances to install.