Air Purifiers: Tips to Effective Placement in Your Home

Air cleaners are an efficient way to eliminate particulate matter as well as microorganisms from your indoor air. However, not many homeowners know where best to place these filters. This could lead to the ineffective purification of your indoor air, which would only be a waste of the investment you made in your air cleaner. The first thing to note about air purifier placement is that it would largely depend on the size and type of purification system. Another consideration to have in mind would be how the placement would affect the functionality of the filter. Below are some of the tips that you could employ for the effective placement of an air purifier in your home.

Place the air purifiers next to your air conditioning

If you have a central air conditioning system, then you may want to consider investing in an air purifier that can be installed right where the intake vents are. This functions to ensure that all the contaminants in the air are collected in the air purifier before the air is circulated around your home. It should be noted that this type of placement does not mean that you can neglect the routine cleaning of your air conditioner filters.

This is because if the AC's filters are clogged with dirt, they will still compromise the indoor air quality despite using it in tandem with an air purifier. Another thing to note is that if you would want whole house purification, you need to ensure that the purifier that you purchase will be able to be installed close to your specific air conditioning system.

Place the air purifier in the corner of your room

Another are you can consider placing your air cleaner to maximise on the purification process would be in the corner of the room. With the air purifier in the corner, it is capable of trapping any contaminants that are floating in the air without being disrupted. Moreover, you could put it directly opposite the general flow of air in your home, such as opposite a window, which would ensure that it is able to catch the pollutants.

Some homeowners may want to place their air purifier in the middle of the room. Although this may seem like a legitimate way to enhance the efficiency of the air purifier, your freestanding unit will be susceptible to being pushed over or become a tripping hazard. Therefore, placing it in the corner also prevents it from unnecessary damage.

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